We're glad you stopped by. During Covid 19, all of our services will be streamed online to our congregation. We will not be meeting to worship at our Orland Park sanctuary until safe to do so. See below for this Sunday's message and theme. Our full service is included. 

This Sunday, May 24th

All of our services are only live-streamed by invitation until further notice. Join us this Memorial Day, May 24th, at 10:30am.

This Memorial Day we want to honor heroes both past and present who sacrifice for our freedom and well being. 

Historically, the freedoms in our nation were fought for and maintained by those who have sacrificed to serve in our military. That continues. During this crisis, our eyes have been opened to another category of hero- our health care workers and first responders who have put themselves in harm's way during this pandemic. In II Chronicles 7:14, the Bible gives us several concrete steps we, as believers, can take to honor our heroes and bless our nation. 

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Your first time?

Awesome! We wish we could have met under better circumstances, but in this trying time, we're glad ypou are joining us online. You've probably received an invitation email from a friend or family. And now, welcome to the Southbridge Family! Our hope is to re-create our unique and inspirational services a closely as possible. To that end, we find it important that our services are live, and not pre-recorded. God's people are really missing being in church, so the least we can do is to "virtually" bring you there!

Each Sunday we will be bringing you a unique Bible message that speaks to the times we are in while also speaking to the heart. Complete with live inspirational contemporary worship, prayer for those on our list, testimonies, and other cool grahpic "goodies" you won't find anywhere else.