We're glad you stopped by. Exploring Southbridge Church is done best through our Sunday morning 10:30am worship service. Below you'll find a snipped of what's going on this weekend. 

This Sunday

Join us this Sunday, November 17th, at 10:30am. God has given each of us talents, abilities, and opportunities. But those gifts do not automatically result in fulfillment or achieving some noble purpose.

In the “Parable of the Talents,” Jesus tells us that God expects each of us to develop these talents, abilities, and opportunities to the point where they can be used for His Plan to build God's Kingdom. But that process involves us exercising something called “faithfulness” on our behalf.

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Your first time?

It was ours once too. Visiitng a church for the first time is a bit nerve racking, with everyone else seeming to know each other and all. But know this- at Southbridge Church we do all that we can to make your visit easy. We enjoy attending here becuase of the welcoming friendly spirit, and we believe that  same spirit will help you feel comfortable and welcome. 

Our service generally lasts 1 hour. Most people like to check out our church at their own pace and have their space. As a smaller church, there's a smaller crowd to hide in, but that doesn't mean you'll be flash-mobbed. 

We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to check the kids in, get your bearings, grab some coffee, and get settled for the service. You also have the option to keep your kids of any age with you during the service. And little ones yelping during the service doesn't bother us.