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Confirmation & First Holy Communion Program

“Confirming Your Faith” is a Confirmation & First Holy Communion program open to kids 7-17 this February through March. This is a Christian Holy Communion program open to children and their families whether you attend Southbridge Church or not. There is no requirement to join the church upon completion of the class or receipt of the Holy Communion Certificate. The program consists of a 4-part class in which parents will join their kids in learning and in-depth understanding of the basics of the Christian faith as expressed through the Biblical sacraments and ordinances. The program will culminate with kids receiving a Certificate of First Holy Communion. They will then take their First Holy Communion in our worship service on Sunday, March 13th. The program also offers the option, but not the requirement, to be baptized as well and receive a Certificate of Baptism as well as certificates for God-Parents.

Through teaching, hands-on activities, and family-guided conversations, young people can transition to understanding and owning their faith. “Confirming Your Faith” is part of a series of outstanding ministries to children and the entire family here at Southbridge Church. Our vision is to empower and equip parents to spiritually guide their kids. In that regard, this program is a ministry to your entire family, not just your kids. You, the parent, are the most important spiritual role model in your child’s life, and this or any other program won’t really be effective without your involvement. Parents will be expected to attend all 4 classes and the concluding worship service.

Following the tradition of our kids’ programs serving the entire South Suburban community, “Confirming Your Faith” is open to kids and parents who are not members or attendees of SouthBridge Church. The class will be team taught by our Senior Pastor, D. L. Richardsen, SB Kids Director Bob Long and his wife Debbie, and the elders of the church; Jeremy Robieson and Jason O’Young. During the 4 weeks of this program, there will be a teacher designated each week day/night to receive questions from and direct kids and another to do the same for parents in the program.

Times and Dates

The 4 classes will meet here at Southbridge Church Sunday mornings from 9am- 10:20am beginning on Sunday, March 16th.  Kids will be receiving their certificate of completion and taking their 1st communion and/or baptism during the concluding worship service which starts at 10:30am on Sunday, April 13th.


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Registration is now open until February 14th. The cost per family is $45, no matter how many of your kids you register. The cost covers all calls materials and certificate of Confirmation and Holy Communion. Registration form and fee is due by February 10th. Please CLICK HERE to download registration form. Form can be faxed to 708-429-7176, emailed to: confirmation@southbridgechurch.com, or mailed with payment to:

Southbridge Church 
15500 S. 73rd. Ave.
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Due to the rise of internet security problems, we no longer process credit card payments online. Please mail your payment in the form of a check only.