church non denominationalCOMMUNITY GROUPS

Community groups are a great place to plug-in, make new friends, and learn more about God, Christianity, and the Bible. Each group centers around relational-based topics from the Bible. A more general and meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30am before our worship service is currently centered in the Book of Proverbs. See below for descriptions and meeting times for each group.

9:30am Sunday mornings at SouthBridge Church

This group meets here at the church Sunday mornings before our service downstairs in the lounge, and each weekly topic is currently centered around a study in the Book of Revelation. Childcare is not currently being proivided for this group.

6pm Sunday nights. non denominational church

This fall our community groups meet Sunday evenings. Several groups will meet here at SouthBridge Church Sunday nights, and some will meet at homes. The theme for this fall’s small groups will be parallel to our Sunday morning worship series. That theme will cover the steps the Bible encourages us to take to control our emotions and stay on track as adults. A list of groups is available in our Sunday morning worship service.

Our groups are an extension of our Sunday morning worship community, and attendees are first expected to register for their group of choice through the process provided in our worship service Sunday mornings. As is the case with our Sunday morning community group, all groups are open to singles, couples, marrieds, and those of all ages 18 and over. For more details contact the church office at (708) 429-7090 or email us at: