Not Really “About Us“!

Churches in Orland Park

Nope! This is about you and God. We at Southbridge Church in Orland Park want to put the two of you together. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been looking at churches near Orland Park or one of the surrounding suburbs like Tinley Park, Oak Forest, or Palos Park. Basically the search that brought you to our church is not about church but connecting with God and positive people who lead a better life because of their faith.

Southbridge Church in Orland Park is a true multi-generational church family. We are not typified by age group, race, or marital status. In a typical worship service you’d see teens worshipping alongside seniors, young adults, singles, couples, and families. Your are welcome wherever you are at on your spiritual journey. Our congregation defines itself as a church and not a “mega” or “corporate” church. We are small enough to care, big enough to make a difference.

We want you to feel like you belong and can become all God wants you to be. Our goal is to help you grow closer to God and stronger in your faith by providing a genuinely friendly environment where you can connect with God while building real, lasting friendships with those who can support and encourage you in your faith.

Our motto is that it is better to bless a second chance than judge the past. So if you are worried about the roof falling in or something because you are not that religious or churchy, don’t be. We echo the words of Pope Francis, “Who am I to judge?” We too are sinners who have experienced God’s life changing grace. As you read more about our church below, we want this to remain about you and God- not about programs, styles of church music, or denominational slants. Our goal as a church is to be a conduit to help you connect with the God and help people find answers to your spiritual questions about God and the Bible, so that you can be a better person by loving God and others more.

A Non-Denominational Church in Orland Park

churches near Palos ParkWhat To Expect –Whether you’ve never been to church before, it’s been years since you’ve been, or you are new to the South Suburbs area and are looking for a church near Orland Park, our goal is to make you feel at home. Experiencing SouthBridge Church begins by checking out our Sunday morning worship service at 10:30am, which lasts about one hour. We at SouthBridge Church want to help you experience God’s presence through inspiring worship music and relevant Bible-based messages that help with everyday life. You’ll find friendly people in the atrium following the service, free coffee and scrumptious goodies at our coffee bar. Your kids will be welcomed by caring leaders who’ve all completed a state and federal background check in our awesome SouthBridge Kids children’s ministry. Here you don’t have to worry about being singled out as a visitor or being pressured to give money. Come on in, look around.

Non-Denominational – Our church services are run non-denominationally, even though we are voluntarily affiliated with a group of churches for greater accountability and resourcefulness. To us, being a non denominational church means that you are welcome no matter what your religious background or lack thereof. Many have come to SouthBridge Church from a variety of previous experiences. Attending SouthBridge Church in Orland Park doesn’t mean that you’re changing or abandoning your family’s religious heritage. We are a self governing church without a hierarchical denomination controlling our decisions. As such, we are a Bible-based Christian church, and focus on God’s Word and how it can change your life. Southbridge Church does not push or emphasize any denominational slants in our messages, services, kids’ programs, or other teachings.